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Kayak in the Straits of Nestos

The route takes place in the Straits of the Nestos River, the Aesthetic Forest, an area of outstanding natural beauty from Stavroupoli to Toxotes village. It is a wildlife sanctuary and an area of utmost importance for birds. The activity is performed with kayak (two-seat, open type, plastic boats, very easy to operate and navigate). It is an activity for nature lovers, for families, for anyone who wants to relax in a magical environment. The activity is suitable for children from 2 years old.

Our appointment is at 8:15 at the Toxotes Train Station. The group of the day, along with our office assistant, goes up on the train and after a 25-minute stunning trip reaches Stavroupoli, where it takes the necessary equipment for the activity. The descent of the river is 23 km and lasts about 5 hours. During the downhill we make 2 stops for picnic and swim in the river. Our exit from the river is at Galani beach near Toxotes, around 15:30, and then we move to our base.

Price for groups over:

10 people: 37 € per person

20 people: 33 € per person

30 people: 30 € per person

50 people: 27 € per person

Includes: equipment for the activity, trained escorts, light meal, train ticket and photos.

***Transfer service is available upon  your request. +30 2510 228831 or****


You need swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, towel.

Multi-activity in the Nestos Adventure Park

The activity takes place in the area of Toxotes next to the Nestos river, very close to the picturesque settlement of Galani. The participants are divided into groups and are successively passing through the activity stations following a circular path.

Before each action the accompanying instructor presents and explains the necessary technique needed for the exercise, while also providing a brief talk for the area.

The program includes acquaintance with the natural environment of the river through the following activities:

-Kayak (about one hour)

-Climbing in a tower

-Scribing in a rock

-Aerial crossing (Zipline / Flying Fox)



-Hiking (about 50 minutes)

Price for groups of over 20:

6 activities: 35 € per person

5 activities: 30 € per person

4 activities: 25 € per person

3 activities: 20 € per person

2 activities: 15 € per person

Includes: Trained escorts, the necessary equipment for the implementation of the activities and photographs.

***Transfer service is available upon  your request. +30 2510 228831 or****


You need swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, towel.

Rafting in Nestos

The activity takes place in the rapid water of the river from Platanovrisi Dam to Paranesti. The activity is carried out with a large inflatable boat (Raft) and its navigation is done with orders / commands of our responsible guide. It is an activity with tension, adrenaline, laughter, diving from the boat and rocks and relaxation in the lakes that exist between the passages. Activity is suitable for children over 10 years old Our appointment is at 11:00 at our base in Paranesti, Drama. Once we have the necessary equipment, we are transported to Platanovrisi dam (15 minutes) where we enter the river. The route is 11 km and lasts about 2 hours. The exit from the river is in Paranesti next to our base.

Price for groups of over 20 people:

27 € per person and includes equipment for the activity, certified Rafting guides and photos.

***Transfer service is available upon  your request. +30 2510 228831 or****


You need swimsuit, umbrella, towel. On our property there are toilets and changing rooms.

Sea Kayaking (Thassos – Skala Marion)

Skala Maríon is a picturesque fishing village, built next to the waves on the west side of Thassos, in the place where iron mines once existed. From here begins one of the island’s most beautiful kayak routes. As soon as we pass the small harbor, there is a small paradise called Atspas, a small narrow cove with crystal clear shallow waters and fine sand. But this is just the beginning, the next bay looks just as exotic as the blades lie down in the turquoise waters under the Lighthouse (the ancient pottery). Access from the road from now on is impossible as the rocks become vertically, offering us small beaches with white pebbles that make you want to swim at all. After our bath, begins the next impressive track of the route in an imposing landscape with successive caves at the base of the giant rocks. The seabirds get up and follow us to Tripiti, where is the end of our journey.

The route takes place successively in Skala Marion – Trypiti and Trypiti – Skala Marion (2 routes in each direction per day)

Duration:  3 hours

Minimum number of participants: 4

Price: Minimum charge 140 € (35 € per person)

***Transfer service is available upon  your request. +30 2510 228831 or****